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David Freeman


David Freeman joined the history department at UMKC as an assistant professor in the fall of 2011.  In the history department and through the religious studies program, he teaches courses that focus on the history of Christianity, especially the Reformation, as well as specialized courses on Dutch history.  Familial ties bring hime frequently to Buenos Aires (his wife is Argentine).  As a historian visiting a city filled with archives, Freeman naturally began to think of possible projects.  Looking at many of the same themes of immigrant integration and influences that he covered in his dissertation at Emory University, he began a study on how Dutch merchants assimilated into the Spanish colonial population of Buenos Aires.  To further that project, he received a UMRB grant for the academic year 2013/14 to work on his book manuscript, With Marriage and Money: Dutch Merchant Networks in the South Atlantic - Buenos Aires, 1660-1760.

Reviewed September 10, 2013.