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Gayla Olbricht


Gayla Olbricht is an applied statistician working in the area of statistical genomics and holds an assistant professor position in the Mathematics and Statistics department at Missouri S&T.  Her research involves developing and applying statistical methods to biological data, specifically for bioinformatic, genomic and epigenomic applications.  Olbricht enjoys the interdisciplinary work and collaborations that allows her to learn about new areas while using her statistical expertise to find meaningful results in large biological data sets.  

Olbricht also enjoy teaching statistics courses to students in a variety of disciplines.  She has taught an introductory calculus-based statistics course for engineering students for several semesters and has also taught an upper-level biostatistics course for biology majors.  Olbricht is always looking for new examples of how statistics is used in different disciplines to incorporate into her classes.

Olbricht grew up in Thayer, Mo., and enjoys visiting family in that area.

Reviewed September 10, 2013.