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Financial Planning

Financial planning resources are available at each UM System university. To learn more about the resources available at your institution click on your University below, or visit the respective webpage: MU Financial Planning Resources, UMKC Financial Planning Resources, Missouri S&T Financial Planning Resources, or UMSL Financial Planning Resources.

General Financial Aid Information

Veterans and Families

Loan Resources


Education Tax Credits

Federal tax code includes numerous tax incentives for families that are planning for or currently are paying for higher education. For those who are repaying student loans, you may be able to deduct the interest on qualified student loans.

The tax credits or education credits available to you help offset the costs of higher education by reducing the amount of your income tax.

Credits include:

For more information about tax benefits, please visit the Internal Revenue Service website at:


Reassessment Policy

All University of Missouri System universities enforce the same course reassessment policy. Each regular fall/spring 16-week course is charged to a student’s bill at full cost, no matter when in the semester the course is added. If a student drops a regular length course, the refund will vary depending on when in the semester the course is dropped. Reassessment dates are as follows:

  • Through the end of the first week of classes: 100% refund
  • Through the end of the fourth week of classes: 50% refund
  • Through the end of the eighth week of classes: 25% refund
  • After halfway point of class: no refund

For additional information about the reassessment policy, please reach out to a university cashier’s office. As dates may differ slightly on each campus, students should refer to the specific university Academic calendar information for each semester which can be found on each university’s respective registrar’s office webpage.


Reviewed 2021-10-05