Funding Opportunities

The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to commercializing university technologies - one of the biggest challenges to that mission is funding. To proactively combat the constant obstacle, the office has formulated different funding programs for faculty, students and innovations in all stages of the discovery process.

Financial investments are important along the entire commercialization pathway. Investments from internal and external sources are necessary for basic research, proof-of-concept, and to launch start-up companies created around our new innovations.

Funding Programs

The Research Board provides initial research funding for faculty to do applied research in their specific area of work to leverage funds and enhance long-term quality and quantity of scholarship. 

The FastTrack program provides proof-of-concept or gap-funding for faculty members focused on development, testing, prototype construction, or market analysis of innovating technologies emerging from a UM campus. 

The Interdisciplinary Intercampus program was initiated to increase interdisciplinary, intercampus research collaborations to leverage the intellectual capital and resources at the four University of Missouri campuses. 

The Spinal Cord Injury Program provides research support for investigators at public or private educational, healthcare, or research institutions in Missouri to perform exploratory studies regarding spinal cord injury, as well as acquired or congenital disease processes that affect the spinal cord. 

If you have any questions relating to these funding opportunities please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

Reviewed 2015-03-06.