Previously Funded

Round 3, 2014

Gregory Hilmas & William Fahrenholtz, Missouri S&T 

High Toughness Ceramics for Applications in Cutting and Drilling Tools

Simon Friedman, UMKC

Building Better Insulin

George Gokel, UMSL

Enhancing Antibiotic Potency and Ameliorating Drug Resistance

Carl Bassi, Michael Howe, & Wayne Garver, UMSL

Optimization of a Qualitative Screening Tool for Identification of Visual Disorders

Mohammad Ghasr & Reza Zoughi, Missouri S&T

Development of 3D Real-Time Millimeter-Wave Imaging System

Lynda Bonewald & Kathleen Kilway, UMKC

Curing Bone Infection While Stabilizing Implants

John Kevern & Megan Hart, UMKC

Enhanced Pervious Concrete as a Permeable Reactive Barrier Technology

Haitao Li & Ceki Halmen, UMSL

A Resource Distribution Tool Construction Projects

Round 2, 2013

The UM System received over 85 applications for the second round of the Intellectual Property FastTrack Funding Program. Of those applicants, 13 were awarded FastTrack II awards. Those recipients include: 

Marco Brotto, UMKC

Prototyping of a mobile electronic sensing device for the diagnosis of myocardial infarcts

Anthony Caruso, UMKC

Handheld Radiation Monitor Replacement Assessment

Sriram Chellappan, Missouri S&T

Developing Software for Assessing Adolescent Depression from Interent Usage

Paul Dale, MU

Surgical Site Prep (SSP)

George Gokel, UMSL

Novel, Non-toxic and Highly Efficient Chemical Transformation and Transfection Reagents

Xu Han, MU

A Novel, Inexpensive Cryopreservation System for Stable -80 Degree C Storage of Human and Animal Model Germplasm and Stem Cells

Edward Jarka, UMSL

A Hand-held Meibomian Gland Warmer and Expressor

Raghuraman Kannan, MU

Scale Up for Production of an MU Companion Diagnostic

John Kevern, UMKC

Application of Drinking Water Treatment Waste As Internal Curing for Concrete

George Kracke, MU

Novel Boron Containing Analgesics

Yinfa Ma, Missouri S&T

Prototype Construction of a P-scan Instrument for Early Cancer Diagnosis

Michael Nichols, UMSL

Development and Testing of an Exndotoxin Antagonist Compound

Hai Xiao, Missouri S&T

Implementation and Characterization of an Optical Carrier Based Microwave Interferometric Sensing System for Precommercialization and Customer Demonstration

Researchers funded in 2008

In 2008, the UM Office of Research and Economic Development piloted a one-time funding program designed to enhance the university's research discoveries by moving them further down the commercialization pipeline.

Anthony Caruso

Commercialization of Direct Conversion Betavoltaic Batteries


Reza Derakhshani

An Intergrated Platform for a new Biometric Identification System based on Ocular Surface Vasculature


Dongsheng Duan

Novel Gene Therapy Vectors to Deliver Large Therapeutic Genes


Raghuraman Kannan

Moving Towards Commercialization of Nano Mold Zapper: A Novel Eco-Safe Nanoparticle Mediated Mold Killer


Karl Kochendorfer

Commercialization of a Novel System and Method for Linking an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with Online Treatment Algorithms and an Online Medical Calculator


Jeffrey Phillips

Resolution of Atypical Symptoms of GERD


William Stoecker

CaDetect IP to Market Software Development


John Viator

Photoacoustic Detection of Circulating Melanoma Cells in Blood


Michael Wang

Development of a Universal Cancer Detection Kit by Specific DNA Methylation Biomarkers


Zhi Xu

New Optical Device for Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Detection


Reza Zoughi

Multifunctional Portable Microwave Vector Network Analyzer


Multi-purpose Millimeter Wave Imaging System (WAND)



To date, this funding program has contributed significantly to the development and commercialization of some existing technologies in such areas as cancer detection, blood glucose monitoring, environmental protection, and vector signal measurement.

The program has contributed to

36 Publications and Presentations

2 New Invention Disclosures

4 New Patent Applications

7 License Agreements

1 Option Agreement

5 Startup Companies

$900,000 of Venture Funding

3 Research Proposals  

$287,000 in Grant Funding 

Reviewed 2015-06-10.