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Grant Application Form

Proposals must be submitted electronically in PDF format. ALSO REQUIRED: One hard copy with signatures of the applicant and the appropriate institution official on page 8 of the application form must be mailed to Ashley Berg, UM System Office of Academic Affairs, 309 University Hall, Columbia, MO 65211.

Research Grants: Download Grant Application Form

Page limits for Sections A-C: 7 pages for Research Grants


Instructions on downloading and submitting application form:

  1. Download the application form onto your computer and complete the form, including a detailed budget and budget justification/itemization pages.
  2. Complete sections A-F in a MS Word type document.
  3. Combine the application form and sections A-F into one PDF form and send as an attachment to: bergak@umsystem.edu (do not send PDFs of scanned or photocopied versions of the proposal).
  4. Print the document, obtain appropriate signatures, and submit one hard copy to Ashley Berg, UM System Office of Academic Affairs, 309 University Hall, Columbia, Mo., 65211


Form for Requesting No-Cost Extension (for investigators with current SCIDRP grants)

Requests for a no-cost extension must be made in writing on the program request form (1 page max.) at least 30 days before the grant end date. Requests submitted after this time will not be considered.

Form for Yearly Progress Reports (for two-year SCIDRP grants)

Investigators with two-year Research Grants are required to submit a progress report at least 30 days before the end of the first year of funding. These reports may be used to determine funding for subsequent years of the project.

Form for Final Report (SCIDRP Research Grants)

All investigators are required to submit a final report within 90 days after completion of a SCIDRP grant.

Investigators who have received SCIDRP funds may not be allowed to reapply at a later time if Yearly Reports and a Final Report are not submitted when requested.

Reviewed 2017-08-02.