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Grading and Transcripts: How are they managed?

  • Courses and grades are transcripted only at the secondary institution (i.e. student's home University)
  • Students receiving instruction from another University will be enrolled in a "shadow" class (e.g.Topics) on the secondary (student's home/non-teaching) University and be enrolled in the Learning Management System [e.g. Canvas] of the primary (host/teaching) University
  • Degree Audit Exceptions may need to be made for students using shared courses to meet degree requirements

Semester grades can now be reported online!

Grades for secondary students will be entered into Canvas just as grades are reported for students on the primary campus. The primary instructor will then notify the counterpart(s) at the secondary universities sharing the course to so that they can complete a step to pull the grades into their respective Student Information System. This method will ensure course sharing grade submission is FERPA compliant.

Please reference the processes outlined for each university in order to ensure a smooth transition for all.


Reviewed 2023-01-13