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Welcome to the University of Missouri System's P-20 Task Force Web site. Here you will find information about the task force's mission and membership, as well as presentations and other documents about the task force.

Welcome Letter

July 29, 2009

I believe the love of discovery, an appreciation for the value of education and the pursuit of knowledge to achieve our life’s goals are attitudes that are instilled at an early age. The quality of education our young people receive from early childhood through high school is essential in preparing them to be good citizens who fully participate in the social and economic life of our communities and state.

Unfortunately, several barriers exist that prevent or inhibit the progress of our young people throughout the education system, including but not limited to the quality of teacher preparation and a lack of parental, community and industry involvement. Currently, only one in five of Missouri’s ninth graders will graduate from high school on time, go directly to college and complete college within six years. This is a startling statistic when one considers the positive impact of an educated citizenry on the state of Missouri.

A strong public education system is truly the “tide that floats all boats.” An investment in our state’s young people, beginning in the preschool years, will pay dividends to all Missourians for years to come.

That is why I have made strengthening Missouri’s “P-20 pipeline,” or the path from early child development to post-baccalaureate education, one of my top priorities. I firmly believe that we in public higher education have a responsibility to ensure that the pipeline for our future is strong and that Missouri’s sons and daughters receive a top-quality, affordable, seamless education from early childhood through college and beyond.

Toward that end, I have formed the University of Missouri System P-20 Task Force. This task force, composed of distinguished experts in the education field, is charged with identifying critical areas where the university can lend its support to the state’s P-20 efforts, as well as to find ways the university can enhance the preparation of tomorrow’s teachers and leaders. Additionally, the task force will focus on promoting students’ access, awareness and readiness for college across the state.

I encourage you to explore this Web site to learn more about the mission and activities of the P-20 Task Force, and to contact (members of the task force/the task force organizer/your campus task force member) with your questions and comments.

Together, we can make sure that our state’s young people not only begin their education on the right path, but persist in following that path to a bright future.


Gary D. Forsee
University of Missouri System

Reviewed 2018-05-22.