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Access to Success (A2S)

Access to Success (A2S) is a national initiative sponsored by the National Association of System Heads (NASH) and The Education Trust focused on expanding access and success for students, especially those who are low-income or students of color. The four campuses of the University of Missouri System, along with 24 other public higher education systems in the United States, have pledged to improve the rate at which low-income and underrepresented minorities attend and graduate from college by 2015. This voluntary initiative brings participating University leadership teams together to learn from each other and from outside experts on critical action steps, including setting goals, talking with the public, identifying and implementing powerful action strategies, and reporting progress.



This initiative emerges from higher education's shared commitment to step up and devote leadership, time and resources to mount an aggressive, highly focused effort to raise overall achievement and close gaps in access and success. If successful, significantly more low-income and underrepresented students will begin college and significantly more will earn a degree.

Goal of the Initiative
The goal of the national initiative is to cut college-going and graduation gaps for low-income and underrepresented minority students in half by 2015. The University of Missouri System will set its own improvement targets specific to its four campuses and agrees to evaluate progress toward these targets on an ongoing basis.

UM Participation
The four campuses of the University of Missouri System have set strategic targets related to both access and success and are developing implementation plans for achievement of these campus specific goals. Plans detail the critical activities, intermediate indicators of progress and accountability measures, which will be monitored on an ongoing basis, and inform decision-making, policies and strategies.

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UM System Contact:
Deborah Noble-Triplett, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Reviewed 2012-10-16.