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Campus Research and Technology Transfer Offices

Campus Research Offices

Each research office is responsible for facilitating and supporting the discovery and innovation process on their respective campuses. If you have campus specific questions relating to facilities, research, grants etc. please follow the links below.

Campus Technology Transfer Offices

The Office of Intellectual Property Administration establishes systemwide policies and procedures, develops standard forms and agreements and supports the four campus technology transfer offices through financial funding, access to a centralized technology transfer management database, and use of an in-house patent attorney for preparing and filing patent applications.

Each technology transfer office is responsible for accessing and marketing the commercially viable technologies on their respective campuses. The offices have both the responsibility and the authority to make decisions and commit resources in pursuit of technology transfer and economic development. The campus offices work directly with faculty and firms, and are responsible for all licensing and business development activities on their respective campus.

If you have campus specific questions relating to intellectual property or commercialization please follow the links below.

Available Technology Database

Visit tech.missouri.edu for a comprehensive database of university technologies available for commercialization.

Reviewed 2013-08-06.