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Student Organizations

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for supporting and advising the work of the UM System's two systemwide student organizations: The Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM) and the Intercampus Student Council (ISC).

The Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM) is a student-run government relations and lobbying organization designed to increase student engagement in politics and promote student-centric legislative action at the state-level. The organization consists of a system-level leadership team and an internship program, along with chapters at each of the four universities. For more, visit the ASUM website.

The Intercampus Student Council (ISC) is the formal voice of student-elected student governments across the UM System. Consisting of each of the student body presidents and vice presidents from the universities, and chaired by the Student Representative to the Board of Curators, this body engages with university leadership at the highest level and often has the opportunity to weigh in on key university initiatives. This group is integral to ensuring UM System decision-making is made with student interests in mind. For more, visit the ISC website.

Reviewed 2020-12-23