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Student Enrollment: How will students enroll and be included in the class sections?

  • Students enroll following all academic policies and procedures of secondary institution (i.e. their home campus), as well as those agreed to as part of the course sharing agreement for the primary (host/teaching) institution
  • If enrollment is to be limited or monitored by permission numbers, etc. that is coordinated and managed between or among the departments sharing the course so that the secondary (home/non-teaching) campus and the primary (host/teaching) campus enrollments are held to the same standards concerning prerequisites, academic level, major, etc.
  • The secondary (home/non-teaching) department that will be recording the credit and the grades is responsible for communicating to the primary (host/teaching) campus the names and ID numbers of the participating students so that they can be included in the Learning Management System and are allowed to participate in the course work.

Reviewed 2015-06-18.