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Council on Public Higher Education in Missouri

Missouri’s Public Universities:
Adding to the State’s Bottom LineClick here to download PDF publication

The Council on Public Higher Education (COPHE) has issued a new publication that explains how investing in Missouri’s public universities creates opportunities and adds value to the state:

  • Public universities develop the advanced workforce of the 21st century.

  • Public universities “teach the teachers.” Our graduates are educating the state’s next generation of leaders, from preschool through doctoral programs.

  • Public universities fuel the economic engine of Missouri every day of every year.

  • Public universities improve the quality of life in Missouri by providing public benefits, as well as personal benefits.

Click here to download the PDF publication


Missouri’s 13 public four-year universities comprise the Council on Public Higher Education in Missouri (COPHE). Paul Wagner is the COPHE Director.

Reviewed 2013-08-28.