Curators’ Award for Scholarly Excellence

For Books Published by the University of Missouri Press


The Board of Curators for the University of Missouri System recognizes scholarly excellence among Missouri faculty for a book published by the University of Missouri Press.

Previous Recipients
Year    Author Title ISBN Number
2009 Larry Gragg "The Quaker Community on Barbados: Challenging the Culture of the Planter Class" 978-008262-1847-6
2008 Steve Weinberg "A Journalism of Humanity:  A Candid History of the World's First Journalism School" 978-0-8262-1796-7
2007 Tom Quirk "Mark Twain and Human Nature" 978-0-8261-1758-5
2006 Wilma King The Essence of Liberty: Free Black Women during the Slave Era 978-0-8262-1660-1
2005 Lloyd M. Wells From Anzio to the Alps:  An American Soldier’s Story 0-8262-1537-8
2004 Walter A. Schroeder Opening the Ozarks: A Historical Geography of Missouri's Ste. Genevieve District, 1760-1830 0-8262-1398-7
2003 John T. Graham A Three-Volume Comprehensive Study on the Thought of Ortega y Gasset 0-8262-1353-7
2002 Elaine Lawless Women Escaping Violence: Empowerment Through Narrative 0-8262-1314-6
2001 Christensen, Lawrence O. Dictionary of Missouri Biography 0-8262-1222-0
2000 Lambeth, Edmund B. and Thorson, Esther Assessing Public Journalism 0-8262-1158-5
1999 Hattaway, Herman Shades of Blue and Gray: An Introductory Military History of the Civil War 0-8262-1107-0
1998 Farnsworth, Robert M. From Vagabond to Journalist: Edgar Snow in Asia, 1928-1941 0-8262-1107-0
1997 Lago, Mary Christiana Herringham and the Edwardian Art Scene 0-8262-1024-4
1996 Carroll, Joseph Evolution and Literary Theory 0-8262-0979-3
1995 None Awarded    
1994 None Awarded    
1993 Holtz, William The Ghost in the Little House: A Life of Rose Wilder Lane 0-8262-0887-8
1992 Weinberg, Steve Telling the Untold Story: How Investigative Reporters are Changing the Craft of Biography 0-8262-0873-8
1991 Cunningham, Noble E. Popular Images of the Presidency: From Washington to Lincoln 0-8262-0782-0
1990 None Awarded    
1989 Ritter, Naomi Art as Spectacle: Images of the Entertainer Since Romanticism 0-8262-0719-7
1988 Barth, J. Robert Coleridge and the Power of Love 0-8262-0694out of print
1987 Jorgenson, Lloyd P. The State and the Non-Public School 1825-1925 0-8262-0633-6
1986 None Awarded    
1985 Monti, Daniel J. A Semblance of Justice: St. Louis School Desegregation and Order in Urban America 0-8262-0476-7
1984 Farnsworth, Robert M. Melvin B. Tolson, 1898-1966: Plain Talk and Poetic Prophecy 0-8262-0433-3
1983 Bullion, John L. A Great and Necessary Measure: George Grenville and the Genesis of the Stamp Act 1763-65 0-8262-0375-2
1982 Ugarte, Michael Trilogy of Treason: An Intertextual Study of Juan Goytisolo 0-8262-0353-1
1981 None Awarded    
1980 None Awarded    
1979 Nauss, Robert M. Parametric Integer Programming 0-8262-0250-0
1978 None Awarded    
1977 Behnken, Eloise M. Thomas Carlyle: "Calvinist Without the Theology" 0-8262-0234-9
1976 None Awarded    
1975 Moore, Maxine S. That Lonely Game: Melville, "Mardi", and the Almanac 0-8262-0175-X
1974 Flader, Susan L. Thinking Like a Mountain: Aldo Leopold and the Evolution of an Ecological Attitude Toward Deer, Wolves, and Forests 0-8262-0167-9
out of print
1973 Graham, John T. Donoso Cortes: Utopian Romanticist and Political Realist 0-8262-0155-5
1972 Burggraaff, Winfield J. The Venezuelan Armed Forces in Politics, 1935-1959 0-8262-0121-0
1971 Hartmann, Susan M. Truman and the 80th Congress 0-8262-0105-9
1970 Torgerson, Randell E. Producer Power at the Bargaining Table: A Case Study of the Legislative Life of S. 109 0-8262-0091-5 (cloth) out of print
(paper) out of print

Reviewed 2015-07-14.