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Diversity Leadership Development Certificate

Apply for the certificate

Before you apply, please ensure you have completed the required courses and are ready to submit your final reflection paper.


The Diversity Leadership Development Certificate (DLDC) is a recognition awarded to faculty and staff members who fulfill required Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training requirements, complete the application process and are approved for participation by a committee of their certificate awardees. The certificate itself represents the holder's dedication to supporting an inclusive climate at work and in our community.

Goals and Objectives

The DLDC certification seeks to recognize participants who are working toward improving their leadership and facilitation skills; appreciating the importance and usefulness of human differences; evaluating the nuances of culture and identity; and increasing the tools they can use to create an inclusive climate at work.

Who is Eligible?

All faculty and staff are eligible to complete the required training, but only participants who complete the following programs* within a seven-year period** can apply to receive the DLDC:

Social Justice Training Program Social Justice Mediation Training Diversity Training Modules Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations Training

You can track your DLDC process with our DLDC tracking form.

*Diversity Training Modules will become available in Fall 2020.

**Please note, the seven-year time period begins when the participant begins working toward the certificate (the first day of the first required training) and ends at the time they have completed it (finished their application for the certificate).

Apply for the Certificate

After you have completed the above eligibility requirements, you have two steps to complete as part of the application process:

  1. Write a final reflection paper - Complete a three to four-page summary and evaluation of your program experience. Please note, your paper should be written after you have completed the required DLDC training programs. To help guide you as you work on your final reflection paper, you can choose from one of three essay prompts.
  2. Complete the digital application - After completing your required paperwork, submit your materials via InfoReady.


Benefits of participation

Completing training to receive the DLDC certificate will help faculty and staff members build peer and mentor connections; enhance their resume with leadership and professional experience; and improve their ability to engage in authentic dialogue about inclusion on campus and in their community.

In addition, DLDC holders will have access to a exclusive networking events and opportunities. Mixers will be held thorughout the year to provide space for DLDC holders to network and build connections. Mixers will also provide the opportunity to acknowledge and introduce new DLDC holders. New members will also be featured in the DEI office's biannual publication of Tapestry.

Reviewed 2020-09-17