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Governance and Structure

Review the roles, responsibilities and members of the committees below:

eLearning Strategy and Implementation Oversight Committee

Role and responsibilities

  • Develop and make decisions regarding program migration and new program development processes
  • Approve or reject proposals for new online programs and proposals for the migration of an existing program online (the committee will serve as one of the University-level approvers, along with the Board of Curators)
  • Facilitate among campuses during the program collaboration period (if applicable)
  • Designate and coordinate instruction allocation in the event of program collaboration across universities
  • Assist universities in determining revenue share / revenue allocation agreements with the system for online programs
  • Provide input on other eLearning operations issues as needed


  • Matthew Gunkel, Chair, Chief Online Learning & Technology Officer, UM System
  • Ben Canlas, Director of Enterprise Application Services, UM System
  • Beth Chancellor, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, UM System
  • Steve Graham, Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, UM System
  • Ryan Rapp, Chief Financial Officer, UM System
  • Kevin Hogg, Director of Real Estate and Business Services, UM System
  • Dalton Routh, Director of Finance, UM System Office of eLearning
  • Marie Mora, Provost, UMSL
  • Elizabeth Eckelkamp, Vice Provost for Student Success & Academic Innovation, UMSL
  • Amber Reinhart, Assistant Vice Provost, UMSL
  • Latha Ramchand, Provost, MU
  • Matthew Martens, Associate Provost, MU
  • Jennifer Lundgren, Provost, UMKC
  • Kim McNeley, Vice Provost for Curriculum and Assessment, UMKC
  • Colin Potts, Provost, Missouri S&T

eLearning Academic Council

Role and responsibilities

  • Develop and make recommendations to the chief eLearning officer (CeLO) regarding program quality and standards. Decisions made by the council are subject to approval by the CeLO.
  • Make recommendations on programs to migrate to the systemwide scaling and growth effort. Decisions are subject to approval by the Oversight Committee.
  • Define what an ongoing quality management/continuous improvement process looks like
  • Prepare best practices for selection and training of faculty to ensure quality instruction
  • Define retention, persistence and other metrics that will be used in assessing the success of the Office of eLearning and the divisions offering online courses and programs.
  • Review key metrics related to online learning, student success, learner engagement, graduate productivity and others, with an eye for recommending goals for improvement.
  • Provide input on eLearning academic issues as needed.


  • Heather Hunt, Associate Professor of Engineering, MU
  • Matthew Gunkel, Chief Online Learning & Technology Officer, UM System Office of eLearning
  • Danna Wren, Senior Director for Academic Technologies, UM System Office of eLearning
  • Steve Graham, Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, UM System
  • Amber Reinhart, Assistant Vice Provost, Associate Professor of Communication, UMSL
  • Keeta Holmes, Director of Faculty Development for CTL, UMSL
  • Alexandra Socarides, Associate Provost, MU
  • Victoria Mondelli, Director of Teaching for Learning Center, MU
  • Laurie Ellinghausen, Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Innovation, UMKC
  • Kati Toivanen, Interim Dean of Arts & Sciences, Professor of Art & Art History, UMKC
  • Molly Mead, Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Innovation and Manager of Instructional Technology Services, UMKC
  • Keng Siau, Chair and Professor of Business and Management Systems, Missouri S&T
  • Irina Ivliyeva, Chair, Center for Advancing Faculty Experience, Professor of Russian, Arts, Languages, and Philosophy Department, Missouri S&T

eLearning Finance Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Discuss all financial decisions related to eLearning in terms of the revenue model and pricing
  • Provide recommendations regarding financial decisions to the eLearning Strategy and Implementation Oversight Committee


  • Ryan Rapp, Vice President for Finance, Chief Financial Officer, University of Missouri System
  • Kevin Hogg, Assistant Vice President for Treasury and Real Estate, University of Missouri System
  • Rhonda Gibler, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Chief Financial Officer, MU
  • Sharon Lindenbaum, Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration, UMKC
  • Tanika Busch, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration & Chief Financial Officer, UMSL
  • Cuba Plain, Interim Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations, S&T

Online Faculty Advisory Committee

Role and responsibilities

The Online Faculty Advisory Committee is a component of the governance structure for Missouri Online | Office of eLearning. The team includes faculty members with significant experience teaching in an online format as well as those with active research interests in the area. Together, these faculty members work toward determining innovative ways to support Missouri Online's mission and vision, and to support students and faculty engaged in digital learning activities across the UM System.


  • Heather Hunt, Chair of Online Faculty Advisory Committee, Associate Professor of Engineering, MU
  • Matthew Gunkel, Chief Online Learning & Technology Officer, UM System
  • Amber Reinhart, Associate Professor of Communication, UMSL
  • Jill Bernard Bracy, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management and Analytics, UMSL
  • Kara Moskowitz, Assistant Professor of History, UMSL
  • Jennifer Reynolds Moehrle, Professor of Accounting, UMSL
  • Rose Marra, Professor of Information Science and Learning Technology, MU
  • Bethany Stone, Professor of Biological Sciences, MU
  • Amanda Grimes, Assistant Professor of Nursing, UMKC
  • Leigh Salzsieder, Chair and Professor of Accounting, UMKC
  • Jennifer Phegley, Chair and Professor of English Language & Literature, UMKC
  • Katherine Grote, Associate Professor of Geological Engineering, Missouri S&T
  • Klaus Woelk, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Missouri S&T

Student Services Council

Role and responsibilities

The eLearning Student Services Council liaises with the Office of eLearning and members' campuses to provide feedback on how services are delivered and working, and what needs to be adapted or added to help ensure best-in-class service for online students. 

  • Determines the set of services to which all fully online students will have access and develops a roadmap to ensure proper follow-through and processes.
  • Provides guidance on third-party vendors to ensure they are meeting deliverables and service levels.
  • Liaises with constituent groups on each campus to ensure communication.
  • Enhances and maintains coordination among offices (eLearning, Registrar's, Cashiers, Division of IT, Libraries, SIS, Graduate School, Admissions, Institutional Research, and Financial Aid) to more fully integrate support and services for online students.
  • Informs other eLearning governance councils and potential consequences of recommendations under consideration, and about the feasibility of and timeframe for implementing said recommendations. 
  • Provides input on other student services issues as needed.


  • Stacy Snow OeL Director of Marketing
  • Jerry Patton OeL Director of Student Life Cycle Management
  • Amber Cheek UM System Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Representative
  • Jeff Elliott UM System Student Information Systems Representative
  • Dixie Williams UMSL Recruitment/Marketing Representative
  • Olivia Mendez-Alm UMSL Admissions Representative
  • Theresa Keuss UMSL Registrar Representative
  • Natissa Small UMSL Advising Offices Representative
  • Mary Ann Rotert MU Recruitment/Marketing Representative
  • John Keely MU Admissions Representative
  • Brenda Selman MU Registrar Representative
  • Ruth Crozier MU Advising Offices Representative
  • Elora Thomas UMKC Admissions Representative
  • Amy Cole UMKC Registrar Representative
  • Becky Bergman UMKC Advising Offices Representative
  • Sylvia Skouby S&T Recruitment/Marketing Representative
  • Cathy Tipton S&T Admissions Representative
  • Kristy Giacomelli S&T Registrar Representative
  • Tyrone Davidson S&T Advising Offices Representative

Reviewed 2021-07-26