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Request Program Development Support

A dedicated program coordinator will be assigned to each project to partner with your academic unit in fostering the program exploration process, from concept planning to implementation.
Program coordinators guide units through the program approval process. Whether you would like to explore developing a new program or move an existing on-ground program to online modality, we are here to assist.

Program coordinators will act as a liaison to connect units with the various eLearning support services such as market research, state authorization, marketing and communications, instructional design and student lifecycle services. Your program coordinator will work with stakeholders across campus such as the Registrar, Admissions, Graduate School, Financial Aid and Cashiers Office to ensure online program processes are running smoothly and are integrated into university planning. The Office of eLearning is designed to help you develop and position your online academic program for optimum success.

To request program development support email

Reviewed 2020-10-05