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Quality Course Review

All online courses will be reviewed through the Quality Course Review process, which is run through the Office of eLearning. Please note that self-paced classes are, by definition, not online classes (they are correspondence courses), so this policy does not apply to instructors teaching self-paced classes. All new online courses must be reviewed through the Quality Course Review process before the course opens to students.

  • The Quality Course Review Guide for instructors may be helpful as you prepare your course for review.
  • The Quality Course Review process uses a standard course review form and review process to determine how courses meet the 5 Pillars of Effective Course Design standards, based on the Quality Matters rubric and initiative. 
  • Courses must meet or exceed expectations for all question items on the course review form that end with an asterisk, symbolizing the essential elements that must be met in any online course moving into the eLearning initiative.
  • Courses will be reviewed independently by two reviewers.
  • If both reviews agree that the expectations for the essential items have been met, the course is considered to have met the quality standards.
  • If expectations have not been met, an instructional designer will help guide faculty through making the revisions needed to meet quality expectations.
  • All course review requests submitted after June 15 must include a link to the course for review in One Canvas. 

To learn more and request about Quality Course review, visit the Missouri Online Quality Course Review webpage.

Faculty Peer Reviewer Corps

The Faculty Peer Reviewer Corps consists of faculty members with extensive experience in online teaching, learning, and course design who have been trained to review and assess online course designs to ensure that they meet the UM System-wide quality standards, particularly focusing on the 5 Pillars of Effective Course Design.

  • Quality course review of online courses occurs on a 5 year cycle to ensure that online courses meet the University of Missouri System’s quality standards and to ensure continuous improvement. The course will be reviewed by University of Missouri faculty members who are not involved in the development and teaching of the course, but who are trained to evaluate courses using the System’s quality standards.
  • Members of the Faculty Peer Reviewer Corps receive specific training to perform Quality Course Reviews.
  • Additional compensation for faculty members who serve in the Faculty Peer Reviewer Corps for performing quality course reviews is $100 per student credit hour for each course reviewed. The additional compensation is outside of the teaching load; therefore, performing the reviews may not also count towards service activities.

Reviewed 2021-10-28