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Request Technology Review

Technology Currently Under Review

To view a list of academic technology that is currently being reviewed, please click here.

To view a list of our existing suite of academic technologies that are supported by Missouri Online, please click here.

Request an Academic Technology Review

To request that a technology be reviewed, select here. Prior to adoption, all academic technology - whether in evaluation, used in just one class or used System-wide - must be reviewed for security and accessibility reasons. Faculty, and staff may submit an academic technology name through the above online form at any time.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles that frame the process are: 

  1. Technology to be proposed should be technology that supports the priorities and mission of online learning, in particular online learners/learning, for use across the University of Missouri System (i.e., a System-wide license/contract).
  2. The review process should include communication with constituent groups across the University of Missouri System.


The process is described by the flowchart (Figure 1) and the text below:

  1. Faculty, staff, or students submit a technology name through an online portal at any time.
  2. The OeL performs a review.
    1. The OeL’s Instructional Design and Academic Technology teams, as well as the Department of IT, should be involved in the review.
  3. The OeL decides as to whether or not approve the technology to go for further review.
    1. If the decision is no, the OeL staff in Academic Technology communicates to the submitter the decision and the reasoning.
    2. The OeL will maintain a public list of technology that did not advance through the process with reasoning.
  4. The OeL staff, led by Academic Technology, writes a proposal for the technology.
  5. The proposal is sent to the Academic Council (AC), the Online Faculty Advisory Committee (Advisory), and the Finance Committee for review.
    1. The AC and Advisory will have a joint meeting to discuss the proposal with representatives from the OeL who can help answer specific questions regarding the technology.
    2. The AC and Advisory will gather information from their constituent groups on each campus.
    3. The AC, Advisory, and the Finance Committee will write letters describing their support, or lack thereof, and the reasoning behind it, within 1 month of receiving the proposal.
  6. The letters will be provided to the Oversight Committee, who will make the final decision on quarterly basis.  
  7. The submitter will be notified of the final decision.

Figure 1. The process for requesting or proposing technology that supports online learners/learning for use across the University of Missouri System begins with submission of a specific request through an online portal, followed by an appropriate review and implementation, if the request is approved.

Reviewed 2022-04-08