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Disaster Resources and Support in Missouri

Disaster Support

2019 Flooding in Northwest Missouri

From Mizzou News on Vimeo.

Heavy snowmelt, spring rains and destructive storms have created challenging conditions for people, plants and animals throughout Missouri. Many across our state will continue to be affected for some time due to ongoing flooding and infrastructure damage caused by high winds, tornadoes and more. The universities of the UM System are dedicated to providing support to those affected by weather-related disasters, now and in the future. As trusted sources in our community, our system and its four universities want to assist students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends connect with organizations that are helping with the statewide recovery.


Donate to disaster recovery efforts through our collaborative efforts with Feeding Missouri, a coalition of eight regional Missouri food banks coordinating response efforts to get the most needed supplies to those in our state who are affected by flooding and other disasters.

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Coordinated volunteer opportunities in response to weather-related disasters are available through the American Red Cross and United Way. The needs of our affected community members vary widely. To ensure the right people receive the right support at the right time, we recommend that individuals and groups coordinate efforts through these or other established disaster relief organizations and channels rather than acting on their own unless responding to specific requests for help.

Volunteer with American Red Cross     Volunteer with United Way

Natural Disaster Resources

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Additional Information and Support

MU Extension's Community Emergency Management Program provides education and technical assistance to individuals and families, local governments, schools and organizations in preparing and responding to natural and man-made disasters. Additional support resources, like experts to support families and communities, flood-related research experts to support the media and a crop insurance calculator are also available.

Learn more about existing University research on disaster prevention and recovery by attending the UM System research summit: Road to Resilience – Disaster to Social and Environmental Resilience Summit.

Experts to Support You  Experts for Media  Crop Insurance Calculator

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