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Enterprise Applications Training Implementation Phases

IT Training department provides essential tools to enable the entire UM workforce to excel in the workplace. Training is a shared responsibility between University system and faculty, staff, and students from all campuses.

Phase I: Curriculum Design

  • Responsible Party: EAS functional leads and EAS training team
  • Activities:
    • Outline key concepts, goals and objectives.
    • Determine user types and map objectives by user type.
    • Run parallel with prototyping and functional analysis activities.

Phase II: Curriculum Development

  • Responsible Party: EAS functional leads, subject matter experts, and EAS training team
  • Activities:
    • Develop curriculum specific to each user type.
    • Development of subject matter is divided among team members by area of expertise. Each team member will develop his/her piece individually and then share with the larger team to combine overall content to meet designated objectives. Functional leaders will deliver UM-specific functional content material to the EAS training team who will incorporate the content into PS end-user training materials.
    • EAS Training Manager provides final approval on content and format prior to the Train-the-Trainer sessions.
    • Process owners from each entity identify trainers four months prior to their Train-the-Trainer session.

Phase III: Train-the-Trainer

  • Responsible Party: EAS training team and each entities process owner
  • Activities:
    • Three months before the Train-the-Trainer sessions the software design and development will be completed and the training database stabilized.
    • Two weeks before Train-the-Trainer sessions, NO modifications are allowed in the training database that would require last minute updates to the training materials.
    • Provide trainers with tools to effectively deliver the PS training.
    • Held by EAS functional leads, training dept. and subject matter experts. All available materials will be described to the trainers
    • Sessions begin at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the end-user training.

Phase IV: Training Delivery

  • Responsible Party: Campus trainers
  • Activities:
    • Three to seven weeks before the go-live date. This varies with the number of end users being trained.
    • Trainers take the role and responsibility of deploying knowledge and skills to end users. EAS training team and functional leads will assist and support when requested.
    • Deliver training with adequate time to practice procedures to obtain the knowledge necessary for the correct use of the new tools, software, and business processes.

Phase V: Continuous Education

  • Responsible Party: EAS training team and campus trainers
  • Activities:
    • On an as-needed basis or when new staff arrive.
    • EAS training team will deliver updated training materials to trainers and deploy web-based training modules when applicable.
    • Held at each entities training facility.
    • If web-based training materials do not meet the end-users learning style, instructor-led training events will occur.

Reviewed 2014-07-31.

Accessibility: We provide accommodations to people with disabilities upon request. If you encounter something that is not accessible on the Finance Support Center training pages, please call Tech Support at (573) 882-5000 for assistance.