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Enterprise Applications Training Standards


  • Each campus will designate a functional expert or team to advise EAS Training team on campus-specific curriculum (including policy, process and software tools).
  • Curriculum development will be centralized (except for Student PS).
  • Master copies of all course materials will be distributed for campus customization and reproduction.
  • Continuous education (refreshers or version changes) training will be web-based or classroom instruction.
  • Sandboxes will be created in the appropriate database environments for users to practice the skills gained during training.

Course Management

  • Compliance with an established set of training requirements (based on user type) is mandatory to get access to PeopleSoft.
  • Training schedules from each entity will be given to EAS Training Team to maintain and publish a master training schedule.
  • Trainees will register for all training classes through their campus or hospital entity. This information will be communicated to EAS.
  • Training sessions will be conducted as close to the time the new skills are needed.


  • Training labs will be available on an as-needed basis at each entity (campus, hospital, etc.).
  • Training labs will have a technical support person who can maintain/refresh the training workstations and troubleshoot as needed for all training events.


  • All campus/hospital trainers are required to attend a basic EAS-sponsored Train the Trainer course prior to the deployment of new training courses. Existing trainers have the option for a refresher course if desired. Old policy states: There will be at least two trainers (certified by EAS) from each entity (campus, hospital, etc.) for every training event that is developed by the EAS training department.
  • Campus/hospital trainers will identify who needs training whether it is new training or training on changes from a new version.
  • Local trainers will provide training to ensure all end users are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully operate within PS.


  • Trainees will complete the Navigation Basics course prerequisite before attending classes.
  • Trainees will be assigned access to certain application software only after they have been certified as having been trained for those modules.

Reviewed 2014-07-31.

Accessibility: We provide accommodations to people with disabilities upon request. If you encounter something that is not accessible on the Finance Support Center training pages, please call Tech Support at (573) 882-5000 for assistance.