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Information Privacy and Security Resource Center

The University of Missouri Information Privacy and Security Resource Center was established in order to improve the university’s governance structure and policies as they related to Personally Identifiable information (PII).  This resource is being coordinated by the UM System Office of Finance, Office of Information Technology and the General Counsel in an effort to utilize a more holistic approach to organize the university’s PII-related programs and associated policies, through the establishment of a site which will organize information throughout the system related to information security and privacy in the following areas:

  • Financial Information
  • Student Information
  • Patient / Health Information
  • Human Resources / Personnel Information
  • Information Security in general and
  • Records Management in general.

Through consolidation of these programs and policies, we hope to improve the accessibility of information about the university’s obligations relating to PII and help avoid gaps in the management of those obligations.

This site is not intended to replace or diminish any of the specialized compliance roles already being performed by University of Missouri employees across the system, nor to alter the existing responsibilities and accountability for compliance. Rather, the goal of this site to enhance compliance awareness across the university community regarding PII, and support the management of PII compliance obligations from a university-wide perspective.

This site was modeled after the University of Michigan’s Compliance Resource Center website, and information was used, with thanks, from the University of Michigan.

Reviewed 2019-08-05