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Responsibilities and Main Accomplishments, 2006-2011

Description of Responsibilities 

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IR&P) provides information for senior administrators in areas of planning, decision-making, and policy development. It also supports the information needs and requirements of several University of Missouri internal and external constituents. To perform these functions, IR&P utilizes data across several systems—financial, student, human resources, grants and contracts, and financial aid. In addition, IR&P develops survey instruments, collects and analyzes data, and publishes reports using both primary and secondary data. The Office is responsible for providing compliance and required data to the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education, National Center for Educational Statistics, data exchanges and peer alliances, and special requests from a host of external organizations. The Office of Institutional Research & Planning coordinates efforts among the campus institutional research offices in terms of reducing the duplication of effort, maintaining an institutional research data repository, sharing research methodologies, and achieving greater efficiencies. This Office also aids in the development and monitors progress of performance indicators included in the University of Missouri System Strategic Plan.

 Main Accomplishments, 2006-2011 

  • Lead efforts in creating Missouri Legislative District Profiles for Government Relations, showing UM’s role in each legislative district (FY05 & on-going)
  • Refined efforts in providing consistent, timely, and accurate data for campus institutional research offices and executive information needs
    • Worked with UM Census Data Marts in developing student compliance reports and a census data warehouse (FY05 & on-going)
    • Compliance transition to PeopleSoft (FY04 & on-going)
    • Retooling /Documentation of reoccurring reports for greater effectiveness
  • Supported University initiatives sponsored by the Board of Curators, President, or Vice Presidents

    • Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code Transition (FY06 & on-going)
    • Department Profiles (Delaware)
    • Accountability Measures System (FY08 & on-going)
    • Post Tenure Five-Year Review
    • Faculty Teaching Load
    • Governmental Relations Legislature District Sheets
  • Undertook a comprehensive study of undergraduate financial aid, examining amount of aid received by income level group (FY04 & on-going)
  • Took leadership role in collaborative state-wide date and research interests of the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE) including participation with Higher Education Data Advisory Council (HEDAC) and the University of Missouri (FY03 & on-going)
  • Revamped the IR&P website  for easier viewing for our customers  (FY10)
  • Access to Success (A2S)
  • Complete College America (CCA)
  • Monitoring Degree  Awards
  • Staffed COPHE Funding Work Group
  • New Race/Ethnics Transitions (FY10 & on-going)
  • Supports Professional Growth and Activities

    • MidAIR Board Member Treasurer (FY08 & on-going)
    • Presented or Co-Presented at MidAIR
    • Chaired the Oracle Reporting Product Advisory Group
    • Presented or Co-Presented at Alliance (FY05 & on-going)
    • Wellness Ambassadors (FY08 & on-going)
    • UM Staff Advisory Council Member (FY10-FY12) , Chair (FY12)
    • United Way Unit Leader (FY06 & on-going)

 Reviewed 2011-12-14.


Reviewed July 02, 2012.