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Data Delivery

U-M Data Reporting Overview

The U-M Data Warehouse contains reformatted data from M-Pathways systems, from the legacy systems that preceded M-Pathways, and from the Development/Alumni Constituency (DAC) system. Users can access the data by running predefined queries or by creating ad hoc queries. MAIS also provides other data reporting environments.

Information about the U-M Data Warehouse and the other administrative data reporting resources has been moved to the Data Reports section on the MAIS Web site. Pages in this section include:

  • Getting Started With Data Reporting
  • Administrative Data Environments
  • Predefined Reports Directory
  • Creating New/Ad Hoc Reports From the U-M Data Warehouse
  • Data Sets in the U-M Data Warehouse (with links to data dictionaries, enhancement/update information, and related documentation)

Reviewed March 30, 2011.