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Real Estate and Business Services

Our Mission

UM Real Estate and Business Services seeks to provide accurate and timely assistance, and advice that adds value to the business activities of University departments. UM Real Estate and Business Services serves as a focal point for collaboration among campus and System departments. The goals of this collaboration are to:

  • Facilitate the acquisition of University real estate assets at the lowest cost to the institution; the use of these assets to achieve desired benefits; and when no longer needed, the sale of properties for maximum return.
  • Revise and maintain University Business policies to accurately reflect the guidance and requirements of University administration, and to make these policies available to the University community.
  • Develop and execute Non P.O. contracts which provide needed services at minimal cost, while safeguarding the University from unnecessary contractual risks.
  • Provide additional business services to assist University departments in the accomplishment of their missions.

For more detailed information about the services provided by UM Real Estate and Business Services, see the following:

Business Policy Manual

Real Estate

Standard Form Contracts

Active Bids

Vehicles/Fuel Usage Reporting


  • Global Music Rights, LLC (GMR)
  • Licenses - FCC, Music
  • Unclaimed Property
  • Special Projects


Management Services

Contact Information

1105 Carrie Franke Drive
Columbia, MO 65211

Telephone: (573) 882-5768

Reviewed 2019-08-05