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Nancy Benedict

Management Services Executive Assistant, Supplier Diversity and Small Business Development
1105 Carrie Francke Dr.
Columbia, MO 65211

News and Updates

October 31, 2016: FY 2016 UM System Supplier Diversity report is available for review. UM System reported $91 million dollars in diverse supplier spending. Spending represents 14% of total business spending and reflects a +57% increase versus FY 2015 spending - view the complete report.

August 3, 2016: UM System leaders lead discussion on economic inclusion during the NAEP Supplier Diversity Institute in Kansas City August 1 - View the discussion.

August 1, 2016: The August 2016 edition of University Business Magazine has an article focused on economic diversity within higher education, and UM System is one of the featured institutions - view the story.

Supplier Diversity and Small Business Development

The University of Missouri System's Supplier Diversity and Small Business Development (SDSBD) effort is part of the Management Services Division. The group is responsible for assisting the four campuses as well as University of Missouri Health Care in increasing supplier diversity expenditures. The goal is to ensure supplier diversity is part of both the pool of suppliers and part of the supply chain in all areas of the university's sourcing activities in our procurement and design and construction groups.

Part of SDSBD's responsibility is to identify minority and women-owned business enterprises (M/WBE) - suppliers/distributors, contractors and design consultants - that are qualified to compete for business opportunities at the university. Selected suppliers have been enrolled in UM System's Advocacy and Mentoring program. The goal is to pair an M/WBE with a majority firm (and a university team leader) for 18 months, who serve as business mentors. Supplier education is at the core of what we do as well.

SDSBD's mission is to help the university in its core objective to improve economic development in the state of Missouri. The supplier diversity effort helps to make these firms stronger and larger, leading to increased employment opportunities for Missourians.  We will increase supplier diversity expenditures with the direct spending for goods, services and construction related projects. The university expects an increase in supplier diversity spending by our major suppliers, part of fulfilling their contracts with the university. We will seek the best value we can by having a competitive and inclusive supply base and pool to choose from. Our long-term vision is to be seen among the leaders in supplier diversity among all universities in America.

So what does that mean for you as a prospective supplier?

  • You must provide us with innovative and more cost effective ways to fulfill our overall sourcing needs.
  • Help us to achieve greater cost efficiencies.
  • Assist the University of Missouri achieve their long range business results.

Reviewed 2015-11-09.