Policy Change Information

In May of 2016, the Finance Operations team, along with many campus subcommittees, began work to update systemwide policies and make them more user-friendly, web-based and entirely searchable. As of December 2017, this newly developed website will serve as a one-stop-shop where you can access revised policies previously found in the Accounting Policy Manual, The Cash Receipts Manual, the Business Policy Manual and the Purchasing Policy Manual.

Current changes to the policies include:

  • Security Access Validation (Policy 21303) - Revised May 2018 to reflect the level of risk of certain roles and outlines the new required based on the risk.
  • Business Meals (Policy 22312) - Updated in May 2018 to reduce the documentation required for business meals.
  • One Card (Policy 26404) - April 2018 added new One Card Policy which replaces the Cardholder Policy and Procedures available on the Supply Chain website.  Procedures have been segregated into a separate document.
  • Records General Policy (Policy 23001) - Revised in April 2018 to change the Records Authorization Committee to include a representative from Information Technology.
  • Methods of Transportation and Allowances (Policy 22602) - Updated in February 2018 for the University's new tool, Trip Optimizer, that is available to employees and departments for determining the lowest cost of travel by vehicle.
  • Vehicles (Policy 24006) - Updated Feburary 2018 for the new tool, Trip Optimizer, that is available to employees and departments for determining the lowest cost of travel by vehicle.
  • Telephones & Communication Devices (Policy 12005) - Updated in January 2018 to clarify the definition of Personal Use.
  • Gifts & Pledges (Policy 22205) - Added provision. Gifts from Employees:  When the employee’s Gift is to be spent on projects or activities that are under their direction or their department’s direction, the funds must not benefit, or appear to benefit, the employee that donated the money.
  • Fiscal Responsibility (Policy 21101) - Added. Establishes accountabilities in fiscal roles.
  • Payroll Verification (Policy 22303) – Revised. Reconciling payroll policy focuses more centrally on payroll verification and removes the additional approval requirements for PCEs over 60 days.
  • Guest Travel (Policy 22605) – Added. Removed from other policies to become its own policy.
  • Collections, Write-offs, and Allowance of Accounts Receivables (Policy 22210) - Revised. Simplifies the allowance calculation while using historical collection rates by campus.
  • Telephones and Communication Devices (Policy 12005) - Revised. Limits the payment of devices or plans by the University to only those required for the job. Limited circumstances identified within the policy.
  • Awards, Gifts & Prizes (Policy 22307) – Revised. Clarifies who approves the employee award program.
  • Moving Expenses (Policy 22311) – Revised. Removes requirement for the President/Chancellor/MU Health Care CEO to approve all payments of moving expenses. Instead, approval is done at the time of the contract is entered into with the employee. List of allowable and unallowable expenses added for additional clarity.
  • Inventory of Movable Property and Equipment (Policy 24007) – Revised. Adds responsibilities for “sensitive in nature” or “high risk” items and outlines how they must be tracked.
  • Sub-Recipient Monitoring (Policy 27024) – Revised. Removes requirement of campus SPO to perform EPLS checks and adds requirement for annual EPLS checks by the UM System Controller’s Office as part of annual risk assessment.
  • Methods of Transportation and Allowances (Policy 22602) – Revised. Prohibits the University for paying for first class or business class flights unless there is medical reason.

For a complete crosswalk, or to learn about the upcoming changes or revision process, use the links below.

If you have any questions regarding policy updates or this webpage, please contact the Finance Support Center.

Reviewed 2018-05-16.