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One Card Online Training

Every Cardholder, whether new or renewing a card, is accountable for all One Card Policies and Procedures and is required to complete online training located in myLearn.

If you are NEW to the One Card Program and need to obtain a card, you must have submitted a completed and signed Application & Agreement to Supply Chain Operations.

When your Application is processed, a One Card Specialist will contact you via email regarding training and will indicate what your Card Type is on the One Card you will be issued.  This will determine which training is needed.

If you are RENEWING your One Card, which occurs every three years, you are required to complete the online training in MyLearn.

If you are unsure of your Card Type(s), you may contact Finance Support or a One Card Specialist for verification. 

Completing only one type of training when both are required will delay the release of your One Card.

Each type of training will conclude with a quiz at the end.  A score of 80% is required in order to pass.  The training and/or quiz may be repeated as many times as needed.

Once a passing score is recorded, notification will be sent automatically to Supply Chain Operations (after an overnight refresh).

To Access myLearn         

  • Go to
  • Log in with your SSO UserID and Password
  • Click on The Library from the top banner
  • Under University of Missouri Library column, select your Campus
  • Click on Mandatory Training
    • If you only have the Purchasing option on your One Card, click One Card 17-Purchasing
      • Click LAUNCH and proceed with the training and quiz
    • If you only have the Travel option on your One Card, click One Card 17-Travel
      • Click LAUNCH and proceed with the training and quiz
    • If you have the combined Purchasing and Travel options on your One Card, click One Card 17-
      Purchasing Travel
      • Click LAUNCH and proceed with the training and quiz

Occasionally the overnight reporting of a score may be unsuccessful.  If you have completed training, but Supply Chain Operations has not received your score, then:

  • Log into as above
  • Under the Quick Links left navigation, click on Learning Transcript
  • Locate the One Card – Purchasing or One Card – Travel course
  • Take a screen shot of your listed score and date of completion and email to

Reviewed 2019-12-10

Finance Support Center
  • Finance Support Center
  • Finance Support email
  • MU Health Care:
  • Missouri S&T Campus:
    341-4266 or 877-752-1117 (after hrs)
  • UMKC Campus:
  • UMSL Campus:
  • UMSYS, UOEXT, MU Campuses: 
  • Toll Free All Campuses: 
  • Finance Support Center may be unavailable Mondays from 2:30-3:30pm for staff meeting.