Office of the Vice President for HR

Office of the Vice President for Human Resources

Main Unit Phone Number: (573) 884-7003
Main Email Account: Human Resources
Fax Number: (573) 884-4511
Address: 215 University Hall
       Columbia, MO 65211


Name Job Title Phone

Betsy Rodriguez, PhD 

Vice President for Human Resources 

(573) 884-7003

Cindy Cover

Manager, Human Resource Administration

(573) 884-8107

Bonita Lenger

Secretary to the Vice President, Human Resources

(573) 884-7003

Tracy Fuemmeler

Special Assistant to the Vice President, Human Resources

(573) 882-2589

Unit / Directory Direct Report Name Job Title Phone

 Total Compensation

Kelley Stuck

Associate Vice President for Total Compensation 

(573) 884-3222

Academic HR

 Deborah Noble-Triplett

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs 

(573) 882-6396

 HR Information Systems (HRIS)

Greg Stanis

Director, HR Information Systems  

(573) 884-6996

 Leadership Development

Greg Holliday

Director, Leadership Development 

(573) 884-1878

 Talent Management

Jill Wood

Director, Talent Management 

(573) 882-0069


Rita Bowie

Director, Health & Wellness, Total Rewards

(573) 882-4820


Reviewed 2015-05-18.