Guiding Principles


The University’s leadership, at all sites and in all capacities, will communicate organizational goals and values; facilitate teamwork, collaboration, and partnership; reward achievement of desired outcomes; support continuous learning and improvement; and encourage innovation and the capacity to respond to change. In so doing, the University leadership will encourage each employee to take active responsibility for the mission and vision of the University and foster the development and use of each employee’s capability. And, in support of these principles, the University leadership will commit adequate resources for equitable support of employee development, compensation, and reward and recognition across all units and among all employee classifications.

Recruitment, Selection, Diversity and Quality of Employment

The University is committed to creating and sustaining a workforce of highly qualified faculty and staff. The University embraces workforce diversity and is committed to providing a positive, discrimination-free environment in which to work for all employees and one that encourages its employees to balance work and personal commitments.

Compensation, Reward and Recognition

The University’s compensation program will be administered fairly and equitably. The University’s compensation program will strengthen the tie between pay, performance and organizational success, and its employees’ total compensation (salary and benefits) will be competitive with market. The University will provide the infrastructure to enable on-going reward and recognition of outstanding performance.

Continuous Learning and Development

The University values and supports continuous learning, while understanding that continual learning is a core responsibility of each employee. To that end, it will provide structured development that integrates institutional mission, organizational and individual needs, and performance expectations.

Response to Change

The University must constantly prepare itself for the challenges of the future. In so doing, during periods of changing needs, the University will create opportunities for employees to acquire the needed skills to continue to advance the mission of the University. During times when reduction or change in the nature of the workforce is required, the University will rely on attrition, to the extent possible.

Reviewed 2010-07-26.