Complaint and Grievance Procedure

When you have questions or problems related to your employment, you are encouraged to discuss such matters informally with your supervisor to obtain appropriate answers or advice. If you want further informal consideration, you should feel free to consult with your department head or with Human Resource Services regarding your problem. Experience shows that many potential misunderstandings can be cleared up in this manner. At this stage you may also wish to seek advice from Human Resource Services (general grievances).

If the informal discussion does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, the university grievance procedure may be utilized if you have completed your probationary period or if the issue involved is one of prohibited discrimination including sexual harassment or of application or interpretation of the university's human resources policies and procedures. If you wish to pursue a formal grievance, you must submit the unresolved issues in writing to your immediate supervisor, department head or designated representative within 10 days of the date the grievable matter occurred. On the following page, you will find a diagram that outlines the various steps in the grievance procedure.

A copy of the grievance procedure may be obtained from Human Resource Services. A detailed grievance procedure is outlined in the Human Resources Policy Manual. (HR 502)

Reviewed 2012-01-18.