Educational Assistance Program

The university provides you with the opportunity to enroll in courses for credit at a reduced rate. After six months of continuous service, regular employees (except staff on unpaid leave of absence, students or staff in positions considered to be student employment) may enroll in up to six credit hours of college level credit courses each semester and three credit hours during the summer session or intersession. Employees on regular, ninemonth appointments may enroll for not more than the maximum number of hours allowable by that campus during the summer session, if they do not hold an appointment for the summer.

When you enroll for credit courses through this program, you pay only 25 percent of the Educational Fee and Supplemental Fee. No Educational Fee or Supplemental Fee is charged if you audit courses (except through the Center for Independent Study and MU Direct Continuing and Distance Learning) and do not take them for academic credit. All other fees are charged at the normal rate.

Before you can benefit from the Educational Assistance Program, you must file an application to enroll with the director of admissions and registrar, meet student admission requirements and remain an employee through the end of the course. Participation in the program is contingent on supervisory approval, workload, scheduling and other departmental considerations. (HR 303)

Reviewed 2016-08-22.