Employee Status Definition

Each member of the administrative, service and support staff must be designated as regular, nonregular or per diem. A regular employee is defined as an administrative, service and support staff member expected to work at least 75 percent FTE with an indicated appointment duration of at least nine months. All regular employees are benefit eligible. Service credit under the UM retirement program requires a minimum of 1,500 hours worked per year.

A nonregular employee is an administrative, service and support staff member whose appointment does not qualify for regular employee status as defined. Employees may be reappointed beyond the initial appointment, but in no instance may a nonregular employee work 1,500 hours or more per year, based on date of hire. (Sept. 1 to Aug. 31).

A per diem employee is an administrative, service and support employee whose appointment is not a part of an operating unit's regular work schedule and is scheduled to work only on an "as needed" basis. Work may be scheduled prospectively but should be considered as "elected" by the employee. Due to the nature of such an appointment, the employee may work as many hours as he/she elects, as approved by the university, without becoming eligible for university benefit programs. Such an employee is not extended benefits or rights of university employment policies for regular employees and may be excluded from future service at any time. Per diem employees are provided an hourly rate of pay following approved rate schedule(s). In all such per diem designations, approval is required by the vice president for human resources. (HR 101)

Reviewed 2013-12-27.