Governance of the University

The University of Missouri functions as a single statewide, multi-campus institution. Under the Missouri constitution, the University of Missouri Board of Curators has responsibility for the governance of the University of Missouri. The board consists of nine persons appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Missouri Senate. Not more than five members may be of the same political party nor more than one member per congressional district.

Identifying the University

University of Missouri is the official corporate identification used to distinguish the total institution and its component groups and activities. Campuses are defined in initial reference as:

  • University of Missouri-Columbia
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology

Subsequent uses include initials such as MU, UMKC, Missouri S&T and UMSL; or Columbia campus, St. Louis campus, etc.

The University of Missouri's chief administrative official is the president. He is assisted by the vice presidents. The Office of the President and staff will be identified as the University of Missouri System.

Each campus is directed by a chancellor, who reports to the president. The chancellor's staff includes academic and administrative officers responsible for those programs essential to the University of Missouri basic missions.

Reviewed 2011-06-22.