Human Resources Policies

This section has been prepared to familiarize you with the major human resources policies that affect your employment at the university. We hope you will use it as a handy reference for questions you may have about university human resources policies.

Because policies and procedures undergo constant study and revision, the Staff Handbook cannot include all details of the University of Missouri's complex structure and organization. Therefore, please use this as a general reference only. As you read the policies presented, you will notice that each policy is followed by a reference number. The policy reference number guides you to a detailed policy description in the Human Resources Policy Manual. The Human Resources Policy Manual and appropriate legal documents take precedence over the Staff Handbook, and they should be consulted when exact text is required. If you have questions relating to your employment that are not answered by your handbook, you are encouraged to refer to the Human Resources Policy Manual or to ask your supervisor, department head or campus Human Resource Services for assistance. A copy of the Human Resources Policy Manual is available at campus Human Resource Services. A reference copy is also available in your campus library. The Human Resources Policy Manual also is available online at For assistance in accessing the Human Resources Policy Manual, contact your campus Help Desk.

We have attempted to anticipate most of your questions and provide answers in your handbook. However, for those questions the handbook does not address, your department supervisor or Human Resource Services will be able to help you.

Reviewed 2013-07-17.