Leave of Absence

In order to preserve the employee's employment rights and benefits, all regular employees may be granted a leave of absence only if the employee has a bona fide intention to return to the university following the leave. A leave of absence may be granted for periods of 30 calendar days up to one year, but not extending beyond the ending date of the employee's appointment.

A leave of absence without pay may be granted when the requirements of the department permit, when such leave is for prolonged illness or injury, or for any exceptional personal or institutional reason. Leaves of absence without pay may be granted only after all appropriate accumulated leave has been used. Such leave must be requested by the employee and recommended by the department chairperson or administrative head and approved in accordance with the delegation of authority. Unpaid leaves of absence of less than 30 calendar days may be approved by the department chairperson or administrative head and are handled as an excused absence.

Upon expiration of leave of absence, an employee is eligible for reinstatement to the former position or to one of similar requirements and compensation in the same department or division from which the leave was granted. Should a position not be available at the time of return to work, the leave of absence may be extended up to six months or until such time as a position for which the employee is qualified becomes available. Failure to return to work upon expiration of the leave of absence or when a position becomes available results in termination of the employee's services. (HR 408)

Reviewed 2012-02-23.