Military Leave

All employees who are or become members of the Armed Forces of the United States are entitled to leave of absence without loss of pay or vacation when engaged under official orders in the performance of emergency mobilization or annual training. However, you will not receive university pay for more than 15 scheduled working days per federal fiscal year.

You will be granted military leave without pay for the initial term of military service up to five years, or if you are a reservist or a member of a National Guard unit called to active duty. Military leaves of absence of 30 calendar days or more may be granted.

When released from active duty under honorable conditions, you may be reinstated in your former position, if it still exists, or one of similar status and pay without loss of seniority. However, you must apply for reinstatement within certain specified time periods after release from active duty and be physically and mentally capable of performing the duties of the job. If the job no longer exists, every attempt will be made to place you in a similar position. If you have become physically or mentally unqualified to perform the duties of the former position, you shall be offered employment for a position for which you are qualified. (HR 405)

Reviewed 2016-08-22.