Personal Days

Regular administrative, service and support employees will be credited with four personal days with pay each year on their anniversary date. Personal days are to be used at the employee's discretion, subject to supervisory review and approval.

Regular employees who are 99 percent to 75 percent FTE receive proportionate personal day benefits. Days designated as "personal days" must be taken before the anniversary date. Personal days may not be carried over from one year to the next.

If the request for a personal day is approved and the employee is required to work on the previously approved personal day, he/she will be paid one and a half times for hours worked and be credited with another personal day, or may elect to receive regular pay for the personal day.

Two personal days may be used during the first six months of employment during the probationary period. If the probationary period is extended, the employee may use the remaining two personal days with the balance to be used before the end of the first year of employment. (HR 403)

Reviewed 2016-08-22.