Promotions and Transfers

Vacancies are often filled by internal promotion. The university's philosophy is that good job performance should lead to better opportunity for individual employees. The normal avenue of promotion will be within the department where you work. You may prepare for promotion through excellent performance of your present job and by demonstrating you are capable of assuming added responsibilities or extra study in your chosen field.

To advise you of opportunities for promotion or advancement, job vacancies on each campus are announced by means of bulletin board and online postings. Transfers and promotions require coordination between department heads and approval by Human Resource Services. Transfers may be made among departments and campuses without loss of benefits, accumulated vacation, sick leave or personal days. An employee must have successfully completed the six-month probationary period and be in good standing in order to be eligible for transfer.

You are free at any time to inquire, through Human Resource Services, about vacancies on your campus and to advise Human Resource Services of other positions in which you have an interest. (HR 207209) See also probationary period. (HR 109, HR 112)

Reviewed 2011-06-22.