Interest in your safety and well-being begins at the top. The curators of the University of Missouri believe that a formal safety education and accident prevention program is vital to the operation of the university. The following excerpts are from a statement of policy adopted by the board of curators:

"Our goal shall be to provide for all faculty and staff members, safe facilities for the performance of their duties; of their education; and to ensure the general public reasonable protection from injury while on our campuses and in our buildings.

The achievement of our goal shall require the acceptance of the fact that safety cannot be considered as a separate program, but rather as an important and natural part of the functioning of every academic department and nonacademic office of the University of Missouri. The degree of academic achievement of every student and the degree of job proficiency of every employee cannot be completely assessed without reviewing the safety performance of each."

The university's fine safety record will continue to improve as you make efforts to avoid unsafe practices on your job. Please report any unsafe working conditions to your supervisor. Everyone desires your job to be as nonhazardous as possible. With your help that goal can be accomplished.

Reviewed 2011-06-22.