You and the University of Missouri

This Staff Handbook is intended to provide interesting and useful information about the University of Missouri. Your handbook will tell you about some of the recreational and leisure activities available to you as an employee. The handbook also will explain human resources policies that affect each of us.

Whatever your position, you are an important person to the university. Without you and others like you, the university would be unable to achieve its mission. Faculty and staff work together so the university can operate smoothly and effectively.

The policies explained in your handbook are not meant to hamper or restrict your efforts. Rather, the policies help coordinate our jobs, aid us in working more effectively as a group, and help ensure fair treatment for all employees.

If you have questions relating to your employment that are not answered in this handbook, you are encouraged to consult your supervisor, department head or Human Resource Services for assistance. Each employee has access to the Human Resources Policy Manual, which spells out in greater detail much of the policy information presented in your handbook. The Human Resources Policy Manual also is available online at For assistance in accessing the manual, contact your campus Help Desk.

Whether you are located in Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, St. Louis or one of the many locations throughout the state, your Human Resource Services office will be glad to help you in any way possible.

Reviewed 2016-08-22.