Sick Leave

All regular employees receive 12 days of sick leave per year. These days accumulate at the rate of one working day per month during completed, continuous service. However, no sick leave may be taken until it has been accrued. If you work 99 percent to 75 percent FTE, you receive proportionate sick leave benefits.

You may request sick leave for personal illness or injury and, if necessary, for medical or dental appointments. If you must use sick leave for such appointments, please request leave as far in advance as possible.

You may also use up to 12 days of accumulated sick leave each calendar year for illness in the immediate family. For purposes of this policy, immediate family includes: mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother or sister, wherever they may live, and related persons living in the immediate household of the employee. This time may also be used for the purpose of placement of an adoptive child in the employee's home or the care of that child immediately after placement.

You are expected to be on the job at all times, but if you have to be absent, you must notify your supervisor as soon as possible. If you cannot call, have a member of your family or friend call. The work in your department must go on, so your supervisor will have to make arrangements for someone else to take over your responsibilities. If you can, please advise your supervisor as to when you think you will be able to return to work.

Administrative, service and support employees will receive additional creditable service in calculating retirement benefits for all unused sick leave. Disability due to pregnancy is treated as any other illness or disability. (HR 404)

Reviewed 2013-07-17.