Time Off for Voting

If you are eligible to vote in any local, state or national election in the state of Missouri, you will normally be able to vote before or after work. If your hours of work give you three successive hours on election day between the opening and closing of the polls when you are not on duty, you will not be eligible for any paid time off for the purpose of voting. However, if such a three-hour period cannot be achieved in this manner, you will be excused from your duties for a period of time for voting, not to exceed three successive hours, including off-duty time, between the opening and closing of the polls on the day of election.

If it is necessary to be absent during scheduled working time for the purpose of voting, you will be paid for that time provided that you have requested permission in advance.

Your supervisor shall have the right to specify the time when you shall be relieved from duties and services to provide the three successive hours for voting. If you reside in an adjoining state, the same policies will apply for national elections and primaries held in preparation for national elections, but not for state and local elections. (HR 411)

Reviewed 2011-06-22.