Workers’ Compensation and Absence Due to Work-Incurred Injury or Illness

All employees, including students while in an employment status and recognized volunteers, are covered under workers' compensation. Medical expenses and compensation are paid to any covered individual who is either injured in a work-related accident or incurs an occupational disease. Death benefits are provided should the injury or disease result in death. Medical expenses and compensation are payable as prescribed by state or other statutes, and not by the university.

A three-day waiting period, beginning the next calendar day following the on-the-job illness or injury the employee is unable to work, is determined by the authorized physician. No workers' compensation is payable during this period unless the disability lasts beyond 14 calendar days. In this case, compensation for the waiting period is allowed.

Further information and assistance are available from the campus safety representative (Workers' Compensation Coordinator, Department of Risk and Insurance Management, University Administration). (HR 307, HR 409)

Reviewed 2016-08-22.