Your Job and the University of Missouri

When you work for the University of Missouri you can expect the university to do its best to provide good total compensation and working conditions. You can look forward to the prestige that comes from working for a widely recognized and highly respected institution.

You can enjoy the benefits of working with people concerned with helping others, and you can take pride in sharing the significant accomplishments of the people of the University of Missouri.

You can look forward to numerous opportunities for exploring your own potential. Training, educational and development opportunities are available to you. The success of the University of Missouri depends upon the growth and success of each employee. We are striving to achieve the common goal of preparing today's students for an exciting future. Working together we can accomplish our goal. Several advisory groups have been established to facilitate your contributions to our total effort. Examples include the UM Retirement and Staff Benefits Committee and staff advisory councils.

Absent an employment contract with a specified ending date or tenured faculty status, employment in the state of Missouri is considered "at will" and may be terminated by the employee or the employer at any time with or without cause.

Reviewed 2010-08-16.