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Managing Organizational Change Related to COVID-19 (Resources for Leaders)

The following resources are designed to support supervisors who are reviewing workforce planning options provided by HR-710 in response to COVID-19. Supervisors will also find tools to support their teams through this process. For additional assistance, reach out to your campus human resources office (MU, MU Health, UMKC, Missouri S&T or UMSL) or the HR Service Center. Additional resources related to COVID-19 can be found on the COVID-19 Updates webpage.

University Resources

Helpful Videos

Navigating Changes on Your Team

Helpful Videos

Responding to Changes on Your Team

Helpful Videos

Planning for Changes on Your Team

Step 1: Analyze the current supply of time and skills.

  • What technical skills exist on your team?
  • Are employees looking for things to fill their time or challenged to complete their work?

Step 2: Determine the needs of the present and/or future needs of the organization.

  • What are the mission critical goals of your unit?
  • Are there increased or decreased demands right now? Do you anticipate anything different in the coming months?

Step 3: Identify gaps in needed skills or opportunities for expense reduction.

  • If there is a shortage of skills and a demand for work, can new skills be learned quickly? Are there others who could be cross trained?
  • Do you have capacity to offer another team or allocate toward expense reduction goals?

Step 4: Develop the way forward using the Workforce Planning Options provided by HR-710 and HR-720.

  • What combination of strategies can you use to meet the financial needs of your unit while delivering on mission critical objectives?

Reviewed 2021-06-07