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myLearn's online learning and performance support is sponsored by the University of Missouri (UM) System Office of Human Resources. This online tool is part of an ongoing commitment to the continuing development of faculty and staff. myLearn offers training and resources in many areas, including leadership, software applications, professional effectiveness and legal compliance in the workplace.

myLearn is not intended to replace instructor-led training courses. Rather, it supplements traditional training methods and leverages our existing resources by providing just-in-time access to development materials for professional and personal skill-building.

Accessing myLearn

  • Go to 
  • Log in using your University of Missouri user name and password
  • Accessibility: If you would like the support of assistive technologies (e.g., Screen reader software, shortcut keys for all mouse actions, alternative images to replace animated graphics, eliminations of screen refresh rates between 5Hz and 55Hz), check the Web Accessibility check box when logging into myLearn.

Additional Technical Guidance

For additional technical guidance on accessing and using myLearn, please visit our myLearn Technical Support Guide.

Recommended Learning

Check out curated myLearn content on our Recommended Learning webpage.


  • "I found the information provided very useful and wish that I had this available when I first started with the university."
  • "The training courses combined with the Books 24x7 is a powerful combination for learning."
  • "It is nice many of the courses offer CPE and you can get the CPE without cost to the employee."
  • "I like learning at my own pace, and this type of product fits in nicely with my ability to pickup new and interesting facts and skills."


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Reviewed 2020-03-24