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myLearn's online learning and performance support is sponsored by the University of Missouri (UM) System Office of Human Resources. This online tool is part of an ongoing commitment to the continuing development of faculty and staff. myLearn provides faculty and staff with a simpler and more accessible training tool. It offers training resources in many areas, from highly technical topics to software application instruction, from business skills development to legal compliance awareness.

myLearn is not intended to replace instructor-led training courses. Rather, it supplements traditional training methods and leverages our existing resources by providing greater opportunity for development of professional and personal skills.

Accessing myLearn
  • "What I find phenomenal about myLearn is the library of anything I need.  If I have any concern, it is at my fingertips.  What is "overthetop" about it, is the authors that I probably never would have taken a look at, if I would not have been given this opportunity.  I may be having a problem with Excel this week, or some leadership challenges, or some personal challenges and family or friends could use some advice about.   I purchased a book that I found from your library by Donald Trump, Never Give Up.  Who would have thought I would even look at a book by Donald Trump.  I love when the new list comes to my inbox, it gives me a chance to see what is new.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  I have been blessed."
  • "I found the information provided very useful and wish that I had this available when I first started with the university."
  • "The training courses combined with the Books 24x7 is a powerful combination for learning."
  • "It is nice many of the courses offer CPE and you can get the CPE without cost to the employee."
  • "I like learning at my own pace, and this type of product fits in nicely with my ability to pickup new and interesting facts and skills."

Share your thoughts and feedback about myLearn with us at mylearn@umsystem.edu.

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