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Maximize with myLearn

Why Make Time?

Professional development helps university faculty and staff to be able to perform at their best. myLearn offers a wide variety of courses, books and other resources to assist one in excelling in their job as well as moving the university toward new heights. Taking time is crucial to personal and professional growth.

Take time to schedule your development courses as you would any other off-site session. Schedule time each week to commit to working on your selected courses or reviewing other resources. Only you can make the time and the commitment.

Take Advantage of Resources

You are in control of the resources you need when you need them. myLearn offers a vast array of resources which are available online, anywhere, anytime.

Linking Performance Reviews

Work with your supervisor to identify courses and other resources to help you accomplish your professional development goals. The resources provided by myLearn can easily be tied into your annual performance reviews.


Reviewed 2019-08-05