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Performance Appraisal Updates

Performance Appraisal Form, Streamlined

In order to support your growth and make the process less time-consuming, the myPerformance comment requirements have been simplified. Now, the appraisal form in myPerformance asks you to support your ratings for all Success Factors in a single section at the end of the appraisal. You will no longer complete a comment for each Success Factor, regardless of the rating. Instead, please spend your time writing thoughtful, specific comments related to your accomplishments from the prior year to support your ratings. 

Step Deadlines and Automated Notifications

New this year, all universities of the UM System will utilize the same step deadlines. This change allows automated notifications to be used, which helps alleviate administrative inefficiencies. Of course, you may choose to complete steps faster than the scheduled deadlines.

Union Eligible Employees at UMSL and Missouri S&T

If you are a union eligible employee at UMSL or Missouri S&T, you will notice you’re your job duties are now listed in one section instead of individually. This new section is equally weighted with the each of the Success Factors, making your overall score calculation much easier to understand.

Direct Edit Option for Second-Level Approvers

In an effort to reduce workflow duplication and make incorporating revisions easier for you, rather than making annotations, second-level approvers now have the ability to directly edit appraisals. Evaluators have edit ability during the discussion step to make appropriate revisions based on feedback from the second level and the conversation with the employee. Once the appraisal is sent to the employee for sign-off, it is no longer editable.

Reviewed 2019-08-05